Puerto Rico: Day 4

Today we continued our work team projects. The VBS team shared a lesson on “obeying God” on the topic of Jonah. The kids, ages 5-13, are continuing to warm up to us. We were blessed to have two new kids to love on today. We’re doing lots of singing in Spanish and English. We are getting to know Tatita and Will, who are administering the VBS for the church. A couple of young adult boys from the church have been super helpful in translating.

The construction team worked at a farm affiliated with a rehab center. The guys worked along side residents to clear a path and move a pile of banana seeds around 3/8 mile to the planting location. The team had the opportunity to get to know the residents and hear some of their stories.

This afternoon we broke into five groups, each with a Spanish speaker, for “prayer walk” evangelism near the Mayagüez square. The teams talked with, prayed for, and shared the gospel with people we encountered. One prayed to receive Christ.