Nebraska Trip Intro

by Abby Stevens

The Avery team is just about ready to GO! After training and planning for several months, this team leaves Monday, June 10, to run a Vacation Bible School for the Avery Hispanic plant church. Because many of the church members also have flood damage, the team will help some church members with their yard damage in the mornings.

Throughout this week, the team practiced puppet shows, organized all our supplies, practiced making refreshments, played several games to see which games would work best, and generally got ready to GO!

Please pray for our team to clearly show Christ’s love through our actions and words. Other prayer requests are for good weather because VBS is outdoors, safe travel, health and good relationships with the Avery children and parents. The team is led by Matt Jaderston, and team members include Anna Brake, Brooke Dixon, Lily Ebright, Andy Fletcher, Dana Miller, Isaac Montgomery, Carley Phelps, Grant Phelps, Ann Ramseyer, Abby Stevens, Kenzie Wilcox and Luke Wilson.