Nebraska: Day 1

We left Eastminster bright and early and headed on our way up north to Nebraska. The five-hour bus ride was full of laughs and anticipation of the week ahead. To pass the time, some slept while others conversed. The bus ride was air conditionined and smooth, for the most part, so all passengers were happy. Before stopping for lunch, an Uno game took place, a swatting war played out between friends, and Isaac absentmindedly lipsang. After a quick bite at Wendy’s, for some “home cooking,” the team made it to First Baptist Family Life Center and unloaded our bags in the basement.

Beginning at 4 p.m., we got to meet Avery Church members. We weren’t expecting to set up in an open field that was on the side of a road, but we made do. After dosing up on sunscreen and bug spray, we prepared for the night ahead. Tents were set up, blankets were laid out, and the puppet show was practiced. After an hour of setting up, we headed to the Avery Presbyterian Church for the dinner they prepared for us. During our meal, we debated if pineapple should be on pizza. Matt also wanted to make a bet this week to shave Isaac’s beard (don’t worry, he turned it down!). Big thanks go out to Avery Presbyterian for their generous hospitality!

At 6 p.m. the kids came running down the hill, and as they arrived we guided them to the impromptu soccer game. There were not actually distinguished teams; we just kind of ran around! Once everyone arrived, Matt played our theme verse song where we ‘fished for men,’ and had a great time “reeling in” a few of the more exuberant kids and leaders. The kids then settled down on blankets for the puppet show, eating their imaginary popcorn! 😉 Tonight, we told the story of Noah and the Ark. During stations we got to personally interact with the kids and learn more about them. Although some were more challenging than others, we were presented with the opportunity to show Christ’s unconditional love. Each kid had their own spark of joy radiating off of them. We had roughly 25 kids that we got to impact tonight. God has blessed us with this trip to show these kids their value in Christ. We would love prayers for patience, wisdom and good weather☀️

God bless you,
Kenzie Wilcox and the Avery Team