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Here’s the truth: Knowing, loving, and becoming like Jesus isn’t easy. After all, He asks us to live differently from the culture around us—exchanging our preferences and comforts for His priorities. Participating in worship services teaches us what that actually looks like; engaging in community through Grow Groups helps us practice doing it.

Grow Groups at Eastminster

New! If God Made The Universe / Why The Universe Is The Way It Is

A few years ago while scanning the internet, I came across a site where the speakers were talking about supernova and Christ all in the same paragraph. I began following their site and eventually took the Reasons to Believe study courses on Science and the Bible, Comparative Religions and Science, Creation Theories and others. Although I am a retired physician and have a graduate degree in biochemistry, I was astounded to see how clearly the Word of Scripture described what is found in science today. I would like to share these findings with you in a small group setting where we can ask questions and discuss them together. Dr. Hugh Ross, former researcher in quasars at Cal Tech has prepared an eight-week DVD study on the subject “If God Made The Universe / Why The Universe Is The Way It Is.” This is based on his award-winning book of the same title. I would like to share with you, in a small group setting, answers presented by Dr. Hugh Ross on such subjects as: · Why the universe is so vast? · Why is it so old? · Why is it so dark? · Why are we living in a decaying universe? · What is dark energy (discovered in the late 90s) and where that may be mentioned in the Old Testament? · And other topics such as, how our world began somewhere other than where we are now. Although not necessary to attend, if you could send an email to with the word “Attending” in the subject line, that will help us better plan for you.

Led by: Ernie McClellan For Ages: 18+ Meets: Every Monday from 7:00pm-9:00pm
Childcare Available? No Topic: General Study Group Type: Grow Groups
Location: C-12 - Main Campus Begins: July 8, 2019 Status: Open

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