Greece Update #3

The day started relatively uneventfully, but after a morning devotional and lunch, the global worker families began to arrive. We were there at the door to greet them, help with their luggage, and begin to meet the kids. After praying through the list of names and (in some cases) photos in advance, it was wonderful to meet them in person. Of course, they had no idea who we were, but they greeted us cordially and were very appreciative.

That evening, we all met together for a glorious time of worship. Once again, regardless of race or culture the unity we experienced corporately was refreshing and uplifting. We have been encouraged this week to memorize Psalm 121 and began this process as a group, applying this scripture to our time together.

With our rooms prepped, we gathered the students in each age group to introduce ourselves as teachers and discussion leaders. Some of the older kids knew each other, and it was truly a reunion. Even those who had never met seemed to immediately gel. Many of us were equally astonished that the kids took to us so quickly. They are VERY easy to get to know! After some brief introductions, we had free time. Many of the kids spent the rest of their evening playing board games in the lobby. How encouraging to know that the Lord has gone ahead of us and formed a bond between us, the global workers, and their children! Your prayers as the body of Christ are truly having an impact!

Dr. Tim Shaver and the Greece Team