Greece Update #2

Now that we’re settled in our lodgings, we have started planning and organizing for the week ahead. This morning, we gathered to meet the team we’d be working with including the Executive Director Gabriel de Guia and Associate Director in charge of event logistics, Jason Dunn. After a time of prayer and introductions, we were ready to dig in. Our teams organized and prepared our rooms. Scott and Gretchen Montgomery, Brian and Lynn Calderwood, and Todd and Jodi Mestepey prepared their room for the 6-10 year old’s, and I joined with members of Gateway Church in Findlay, Ohio to prepare a room for the 11-13 year old’s. Our friend Susan Lear also arrived today to serve the global workers here.

Now that the jet lag has (mostly) worn off, we have had an opportunity to take in more of the scenery. Both the pool and the beach are amazing! It’s been a treat to try new foods and beverages with our meals at the hotel. We’ve also encountered some stray cats who survey the open dining areas seeking table scraps left, voluntarily or involuntarily, for them.
As we embark upon our week of service, it’s been wonderful to meet fellow Christians from around the world, strangers, yet with whom we instantly sense an organic unity in Christ. This unity transcends age, gender, and ethnicity. We pray that we can convey this unity, love and support to the global workers and their families who we will be meeting tomorrow.

Dr. Tim Shaver and the Greece Team