East Africa 2022: Update #1

Forty-two hours, five flights and multiple security checks since we left Wichita, we arrived at our destination, Mwanza, Tanzania, feeling tired, but so blessed and thrilled to be in Africa. We were greeted excitedly by 10 pastors & church members from TUMI churches. When we got back to Bishop Charles’ home, we all enjoyed a delicious feast prepared by the women.
Pictured is our group with Erasko (in the neon vest), the airport worker at Kilimanjaro who walked with us as we navigated Immigration with our VISAs, answered questions from airport officials about all the tablets we brought for the TUMI students and glasses for our clinic, and multiple check-ins and baggage checks. He got us through all the steps with time to spare before our final flight to Mwanza.
As you can tell from the photo, Boaz, the TUMI pastor we will soon be visiting in Kenya, was happy to see Jane! He met us at the airport in Nairobi to take with him the suitcases that we won’t need in Tanzania. We were only allowed one suitcase each for the flight from Nairobi to Mwanza. We will return to Nairobi next Tuesday.
The other photos are of the delicious lunch prepared for us by the ladies at the TUMI compound. We were a little apprehensive about African chakula (food) but ended up loving it all. Except maybe the spicy pepper side dish that lit our mouths on fire. Since the electricity was temporarily off we ate together outside in the cool breeze on the patio.
Thank you for continuing to pray for our team as we are GOing in Africa!